A downloadable game for Windows

Dark misteries are upon us. Invisible eyes are observing you waiting for the moment to take you with them.

You are trapped in a nightmare house, strange events are happening and you need to find the key of the house to scape.

Embark in the darkest corners and scape from his hands. Your only source of light will slowly fade in a minute, use well your time.

Game made for the One Minute Jam by Los Solfamidas Team:

Adrián de la Torre (Programming): https://adritake.itch.io/

Lluís Miralles (Programming): https://luiginor.itch.io/

Pablo Corral (3D Art/Illumination): https://pablocorral.itch.io/

Nacho Batlles (Sounds/Sprites): https://slurmzilla.itch.io/

Ana Valencia (Play Testing): https://itch.io/profile/valpar

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsPablo Corral Franco, adritake
TagsDark, Horror, Survival Horror

Install instructions

Download the .zip, extract it and execute DarkLoop.exe


DarkLoop.zip 184 MB


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Had fun giving this game a try.  I thought the concept was cool especially for a 1 minute horror game. Great Job I also had included this as part of a 3 in 1 horror game video that I did too.


Interesting idea for the one minute game jam!

hello there. So, I recently did a compilation of several one minute long games. Yours is in my video. I'm not quite sure where it's at, because it's a bit of a long video, but if you scroll through I'm sure you can find it. Or if you just want to watch the whole video there is also that's. If I remember correctly, it definitely had a spooky vibe to it, but I think I kind of miss the plot. Or maybe I just didn't play it correctly. Despite that, it was a very nice looking game and clearly you put a lot of effort into it, so it was probably an error on my part, I am confused very easily. That said, I hope you enjoy my video, and if you get a chance maybe given the like or comment.. Anything helps. But of course, no stress, you don't need to, it just helps me if you do. So here's my video.


the atmosphere is scary, love the graphics as well

Thank you! :) We focused a lot in the atmosphere and the sounds, glad you liked it!

you guys brought back a famous character to my channel :D i would have a vid for you later on and i hope you wont mind me being a bit critical about the game in it :)

the deed is done :D

Thanks for the video! It was fun watching it. We made some scares but you avoided it with the camera, you were lucky hahaha. We now it might be underwhelming for a horror game but it was made in 4 days for a Game Jam (theme: gameplay must last one minute maximum), we just wanted to make a game based on a loop where you learn new codes and feel anxious and claustrophobic each minute. Hope that explains something! :)

oh damn ... yeah this happens sometimes when i play that i miss stuff ... and thats fair i think you guys would rock your next project but keep in mind there are always stupid players like me who would miss things so you would have to make the scares non-avoidable :D

Hey, I think this person stole your game:

Dont Worry! He is part of Los Solfamidas Team, the team that developed this game. He is linked in the description and all of us are uploading it to our portfolio.

damn... he caught me :D


Oh, sorry, I just keep looking out for the people who steal games and trust me they do a lot of them. I liked this game, it's short, but reminded me of old school, low poly horror and that's why I was concerned with it being stolen. Good luck with the future projects. 

Oh dont worry, it's normal to think it was stolen, thanks for the concern and the comment. We are glad you liked it! :)


This was fun short experience. I loved the hiding in the game, although it did not help, but, the atmosphere and the look for this game is amazing. Good Job! 


Yes, the hiding was more of an "atmosphere" thing. Glad you liked it! Thanks for your comment! :)